Exterior Beautification

Exterior beautification is a process of restoring the visual appeal of a car's exterior and enhancing its overall aesthetic appearance. The process involves several treatments that can address various issues, such as paint fading, scratches, and swirl marks, among others. By improving the car's appearance, the treatment can also help boost its resale value and prolong its lifespan. The exterior beautification process includes surface refinement, alloy wheel polish, emblem cleaning, and paint protection UV. Each of these treatments has its own unique benefits and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a car. Overall, exterior beautification is an essential part of car maintenance that not only improves its appearance but also protects it from damage and deterioration.
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Paint Protection UV

Paint Protection UV is a process of applying a protective layer over a car's exterior paint to prevent it from fading, chipping, or oxidizing due to prolonged exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors. This process involves cleaning the surface, correcting any defects, and applying a coat of sealant or ceramic coating to provide long-lasting protection. The benefits of paint protection UV include preserving the car's original finish, making it easier to clean, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing its overall resale value.
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