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Service overview

Exterior beautification services are designed to improve the appearance of your vehicle’s exterior, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. These services can include various treatments such as polishing, waxing, and detailing, which help to restore the shine and luster of your car’s paintwork. Exterior beautification services not only make your car look great but also protect it from environmental elements such as UV rays, rain, and dust.

Additionally, these services can help to maintain the resale value of your vehicle by keeping it looking new and well-maintained. When you invest in exterior beautification services, you are investing in the longevity and value of your car. The benefits of exterior beautification services extend beyond just the visual appeal, as they also help to preserve the condition of your car’s exterior over time.

Overall, exterior beautification services can be a valuable investment for any car owner, helping to keep your vehicle looking its best while also protecting its paintwork and preserving its resale value. Whether you’re looking to give your car a quick touch-up or a complete makeover, there are a variety of exterior beautification services available to meet your needs.


Service benefits

Exterior beautification is a 6-stage process that helps protect the shine and gloss of a new car. The treatment includes washing, claying/tar removal, sanding, rubbing/compounding, polishing, and cream wax application.

Exterior beautification is a service that involves enhancing the appearance of your car’s exterior, giving it a brand-new look. Here are some of the benefits of exterior beautification for your car

Protection against the elements

Your car's exterior is exposed to various elements such as dust, dirt, UV rays, and pollutants, which can cause damage to the paint and body of your car. With exterior beautification, you can add a layer of protection to your car's exterior, which helps prevent damage from these elements.

Increased resale value

A well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing car exterior can significantly increase its resale value. By investing in exterior beautification, you can improve the overall appearance of your car, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Easier cleaning

The protective coating makes it easier to clean your car. It helps repel dirt, dust, and grime, making it easier to wash and maintain your car's appearance.


Exterior beautification is a cost-effective way of maintaining your car's exterior. By investing in regular exterior beautification services, you can avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Long-lasting protection

With exterior beautification, you can enjoy long-lasting protection for your car's exterior. The protective coating applied during the process can last for several months, providing a barrier against environmental damage.


Here’s a more detailed explanation of the three steps involved in our Paint Protection UV service.

Car Wash

The first step is to thoroughly wash and clean the exterior of the car, making sure there is no dirt, dust or debris left on the surface.

Claying/Tar Removal

A clay bar is used to remove any impurities from the car's surface.


Sandpaper is used to smooth out any rough spots.

Rubbing / Compounding

A rubbing compound is used to remove any scratches.


The car's exterior is polished to give it a glossy shine.

Cream Wax Application

Cream wax is applied to the car's exterior to provide a protective layer.

With these steps, your car will look brand new and will be protected from environmental damage, making it easier to maintain its appearance for longer periods of time.

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